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Juan Shows Off His Big Dick

September 10th, 2012by Vicky · Comments Off

Juan is one sexy Latino hunk!  This smooth muscular man takes off his top, leather pants and tight white boxer shorts to show is very toned and tight body.  The best part is his thick cock which he hopes to use to please that special lady.  See all his pics at Juan Shows Big Dick.

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Huge Dick Hunk

August 21st, 2012by Vicky · Comments Off

This is Scott, and he has one of the biggest, thickest cocks I’ve ever seen! This huge dick hunk does a sexy strip tease, showing off her muscular chest, six pack abs, and shy smile. But the best part is when he gets naked and shows off the huge dick! Check out his free pics at Huge Dick Hunk.

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Phillipes Big Cock

August 3rd, 2012by Vicky · Comments Off

This is Phillipe. Brown sexy eyes, he has the bad boy look down cold. He has a wonderfully muscular body, and a really nice long cock. He strips for his shower and takes a firm grip on this thick dick, showing it off to the ladies.  See is free pics at Phillipes Big Cock.

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Well Hung Hunk Strokes

June 23rd, 2012by Vicky · Comments Off

Martin is looking very sexy and professional in his dark grey suit by the organ.  But then the jacket comes off and the shirt unbuttoned, and he shows he has a smooth toned chest and abs.

He grabs his erection through his BVD’s showing the fullness of it, and soon he has his pants and undies off, stroking his long thick cock.  Mmmm, can’t you just picture that inside you?

Check out all his free sample pics at Well Hung Hunk Strokes.

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Massive Man Matt

June 22nd, 2012by Vicky · Comments Off

Massive Man Matt is hanging out at the beach at an abandoned life guard shack. There, this muscular hunk shows off his moves. He has massive pectorals, ribbed abs that look like he is smuggling paint rollers under his skin. Biceps bigger than most woman’s waists.

Then he peels off his tiny thong and shows that his muscles are not the only thing massive! He strokes his long thick cock until he orgasms on the beach. Check out his free pics at Massive Man At The Beach.

Massive muscular man jerking at the beach

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Matt Shows Meaty Dick

February 21st, 2012by Vicky · Comments Off

It seems like a lot of body builders you see have wonderful muscular bodies, but dinky dicks.  Not sure why.  Matt, however, does not have that problem.  He has a very muscular body.  8 pack abs, thick biceps. And when he takes off his undies, he shows that he has a nice thick dick too.  Yumm.  Check out his free sample pics at Matt Shows Meaty Dick, or check out ALL our well hung hunks at Sexy Well Hung Men.

Matt shows off his meaty dick

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Well Hung Hunks

December 18th, 2011by Vicky · Comments Off

Inside this free site are two well hung hunks. The first is Kyle who takes down his pants and shows how long his cock is even semi-erect. He then shows off his body and even wraps some chain around the base of his cock looking very sexy.

The second is Scott, a man with the thickest cock I’ve EVER seen. He undresses and shows off his muscular hard body then gets an erection that will have you squirming in your chair, wondering how it will feel inside you. They are just two of the well hung hotties you will find inside our site! Check out their free site Well Hung Hunks.


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Military Hunk For Women

November 14th, 2011by Vicky · Comments Off

Joe has been in the Army now over 20 years. He is married to a friend of mine, and I asked him if I could take pictures of him for my website for women. He complied, and the pictures inside are a result. Now I see why my friend always has a smile on her face, when I got a look at the size of his cock! Long and thick and at attention and ready to serve. Check out his free pics at Military Hunk For Women.

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3D Muscular Pirate

September 24th, 2011by Vicky · Comments Off

Dax is stranded on a deserted island. Left by his crew, there is nothing for this sexy muscular pirate to do. So he takes off his clothes, and goes out for a swim, then jerk off his very thick dick on the beach.  Check out his free pics at 3D Muscular Pirate.

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Well Hung In Waders

September 7th, 2011by Vicky · Comments Off

Shaun is one sexy fisherman. He is posing with his throw net on one of his muscular shoulders, and green thigh-high waders and nothing else. Only a hunk hung like him could look sexy in something as fishing waders. I’d drop a line in the water any time with this fine piece of mancandy.  Visit his site Well Hung In Waders to see his free pics.

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