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Everybody Love Cunnilingus

April 11th, 2014by Vicky · Comments Off

I have always wondered what it would be like having sex with more than one person, it is a fantasy I never lived out.  But in these pics, this gal finds out what it is like to have two men and one woman licking her at the same time. mmmm.

cunnilingus-group-08Check out more pics of groups loving cunnilingus here.

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Sexy Erotic Couples

December 15th, 2013by Vicky · Comments Off

Two horny couples enjoy having some hot sex in these movies.  Nothing like some cunnilingus and a good old fashioned fucking to make your Sunday a Funday! :)  Check out the movies at Sexy Erotic Couples.



Santa Is Comming

December 11th, 2013by Vicky · Comments Off

Travis has just spent the evening, dressed up as Santa for the annual Christmas party at work.  He comes home alone, and after enjoying some hot chocolate, strips off his Santa costume for a little stroking action in the living room.  Check out more pics of Travis at Santa Is Comming.


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Couple Enjoy Some Roleplaying

December 10th, 2013by Vicky · Comments Off

Amy’s boyfriend Grant comes home in a cop uniform with a nightstick and some handcuffs. After cuffing her, he takes his time frisking her and telling her she has to “behave.” She then sucks him in cuffs and rides his thick cock to orgasm. Role Play can really spice up your sex life! More pics of them here.



Cuddles and Sex

December 8th, 2013by Vicky · Comments Off

Laura and Brent are having a cuddle on the couch when things heat up. Kisses lead to touches, lead to cunnilingus and romantic lovemaking and orgasmic bliss.  More pics of them at cuddles and sex.




Sweet Satisfaction

December 6th, 2013by Vicky · Comments Off

Ripping off your clothes, licking your partner while you do so.  That feeling that you know soon you are going to enjoy some sweet satisfaction. :)


Tony and Ashley are all about mutual satisfaction. They have been together awhile, and know how to pleasure each other, and demand pleasure. That is the best sex, where both of you have sweet satisfaction. In these snaps they lick and kiss each other while stripping off their clothing. She goes down on him and almost gives him an orgasm with her mouth, then he goes down on her and gives her one. Then they have some hot sex until they both orgasm. Sweet!


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The Bosses Seduction

December 4th, 2013by Vicky · Comments Off

Mary was in love with her boss, and she knew he had feelings for her back. But he was a stickler for no office romances. So one day, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She changed out of her normal office wear and into some red stockings, short skirt and crop top and walked in with the report he asked for. Bending over so he could see down her top, she poured on the seduction. At first, she thought he was going to resist, but he pulled her into his lap and they made love in his office! More pics of this couple here



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Fuck Me Baby

December 3rd, 2013by Vicky · Comments Off

Stacy knows what she wants, and sometimes cuddles on the couch just doesn’t cut it.  So she grabs Brad’s erection through his pants, looks up at him and says, “Fuck Me Baby!”   More pics of this couple indulging in sexual pleasure here.


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My Cat Tootsie has an abundance of cuteness

December 1st, 2013by Vicky · Comments Off

I work out of my house, and I share that house with a husband and, brace for it, 8 cats.  I could pretty much spend the day taking cute pictures of my cats, but when I looked down today, my cat Tootsie was looking up at me like this.  She actually held that pose long enough for me to get my cell phone camera on and snap it.


Tootsie is unique in our house.  She was born feral and when she and her sister “Calamity Jane” were 4 months old, we trapped them and their mother and had them spayed.  Unfortunately, their mother died of complications from the procedure.  So we took Tootsie and Jane in. (You are probably seeing now how we ended up with 8 cats.)

Her sister has many nicknames, Bitey McFierce is my favorite.  She LOVES attention, and will lull you into giving her a good petting, then she was just chomp down on your hand.  She had never broken skin, and I think it is love bites, but it is painful love bites.  We can pick her up, and she will get in your lap.

But Tootie (Too SHY!) would be happy if you had 7′ arms and could pet her from a distance.  2 years she has lived with us, we still can’t pick her up.  She loves attention, and she has managed to get in my lap when I’m watching TV briefly once or twice, but for the most part is too shy to do so.  And She is just so beautiful, and makes the most pitiful cry wanting attention…. just stand over there please to do so… with a long stick with a hand on the end. :)

We are struggling financially.  We have not been further away than 10 miles from our home for 3 years, because we can’t afford gas.  We haven’t been out to eat for at least a year.  But watching the antics of our cats gives us endless entertainment, and their unconditional love helps soften the inability to leave home much.  And really, that love is what is most important, whether it be cats, your children, parents, or spouse.


Lusty Loving

November 29th, 2013by Vicky · Comments Off

They have the perfect squishy couch for lovemaking. And when Duke starts to run his hands under her skirt, and rub her clit through her wet panties, she knows that orgasms await in a lusty bout of sex. They take turns licking each other and have some sixtynine, then she rides his hard cock in various positions until they both explode in pleasure.  More pics of this couple at Lusty Loving.