Surprising Lessons You Can Learn at a Strip Club

Despite their classy-sounding name, gentlemen’s clubs have long been viewed as dens of inequity. Between how they’re depicted by the media and what their history is like, it stands to reason why this is the case. But not all adult establishments condone prostitution and drug use. In fact, you’ll discover that it’s harder to find a Brisbane strip club that does.

The fact of the matter is that clubs aren’t as bad as you think. They could even teach you a thing or two about life.

Persevering with your fitness goals

See how those sexy ladies spin around poles without breaking a sweat? They worked hard to shape up and carry their bodies effortlessly. Many people feel exhausted after running for just a kilometre so you have to respect exotic dancers and their athletic capabilities. Pole exercises require rigorous and regular training. If they can do it, what’s stopping you from doing the same?

Feeling comfortable in your own skin

It takes a lot of guts to stand in front of a crowd in your birthday suit—and sober at that! You’ll see that not all strippers have perfect bodies. Some have smaller assets than others and even a bit of flab. Still, they can perform for their customers with a smile. You can tell that they don’t feel insecure at all. They even look and act like they’ve been set free from the chains of self-doubt.

Going the extra mile wherever you are

A meme about a stripper made the rounds on the internet. It showed her sitting on the stage and eating pizza but the patrons were still throwing money at her. This is only funny when it’s not happening in front of you though. You’ll obviously want to tip a performer who is doing her best to impress. Why? Because you believe she deserves it. This means that if you want to receive a bonus yourself you should give it your all like her.

Negotiating to get what you want

To get a private lap dance, you should express it to the stripper you have your eyes on. It’s certainly possible to point at her and scream that you want her, but that would be awkward and rude. There’s also no guarantee that she would agree if you creep her out. You’ll find that this applies to many other things in life. You should learn to properly negotiate with people to meet your desires.

A Brisbane strip club is no means an educational institution but it can teach you useful life lessons if you would just pay attention. The next time you visit, observe the people around you and see what you could learn from them.