A Guide to Brisbane Strip Clubs Etiquette

It’s always nerve-wracking when visiting a place for the first time. In your case, going to Brisbane strip clubs can be worrying yet exciting at the same time. The key to having a good time is knowing the right thing to do when inside the club.

Here is a short guide to the proper adult strip bars etiquette:

Follow the Dress Code

Before you even step inside the club, take the time to research the house dress code. Does the club require their guests to dress formal or casual? Match your outfit to the usual wardrobe of the patrons so you can easily blend in with them.

Most clubs don’t allow anyone to enter the premises if they do not comply with the set standard outfit. Make sure you get the right foot in by following the dress code.

Order at Least a Drink

Get something from the club menu, regardless if you are planning to stay for a limited time or for the rest of the night. It is an act of courtesy to order even at least a drink apart from water. Some clubs hand out complimentary drinks while others offer complimentary snacks.

Even so, you need to buy at least one item from the regular menu. When coming in with a group, you can order set deals that you can split amongst yourselves. You can do the same for your food as well.

Furthermore, when planning on partying for a longer period in Brisbane strip clubs, get another round of drink or food. Some clubs will even impose this rule.

Also, don’t take a bigger table when you can stay in a smaller accommodation. Give way for other guests who need more room than your crew.

Watch Your Belongings

While the establishment provides its own security, you can’t always rely on them to keep an eye on your things. It is also your responsibility to guard your belongings.

When inside the club, don’t leave your bags just about anywhere. At the same time, be mindful of where you put your things. As much as possible, don’t bring unnecessary objects or valuables so you don’t have to be on guard all the time instead of having fun.

Have a good time with fewer worries in mind. Remember the three easy steps above for a memorable experience during your first visit to a strip club. Don’t let it be your last.