10 Tips to Reignite the “Fire” in Your Marriage

Skies go dim, fruits turn sour, and marriages lose spark. All couples go through the latter at some point in their lives. Fortunately, you can do plenty to turn it all around. From visiting the classiest strip club in Brisbane together to trying new hobbies, here are tips to reigniting the “fire” in your marriage.

1 – Add something new to your wardrobe

Buy new outfits that really change and enhance your look. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Looking good for your partner shows that you care. You can even shop together and choose outfits for each other.

2 – Visit the classiest strip club in Brisbane

Did you know that more married couples are visiting strip clubs together? Apparently, going to strip clubs brings back more intimacy. In fact, women are more participative in engaging with the strippers. As long as you’re honest with each other’s preferences, you’ll definitely enjoy the classiest strip club in Brisbane.

3 – Hold each other’s hands

Start with the most basic act of intimacy. Hold their hand—show them you’re proud they’re yours. Follow it with hugs, rubs, and more touching. Physical contacts other than sex is important!

4 – Flirt with them more often

Remember those days you were so infatuated with your then fiancée? Those are necessary to keep the flame burning. Bring those days back by sending them daily flirty texts or messages. Compliment them more often than usual.

5 – Be more adventurous

Say yes more often! Live life a little. Responsibilities from work and home can swamp couples that they can’t help but say no to impractical activities. If your partner suggests an activity, why not try it before saying “no”?

6 – Invest in a new hobby together

In relation to the previous tip, you must try a new hobby together. It must be something you can do simultaneously. It can be a painting course, a yoga class, or cooking lessons. Doing this will improve your teamwork as husband-wife.

7 – Communicate with more love

Say it with extra sweetness! Don’t skimp on lathering your conversations with love. Say “I love you” and “I miss you”. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. This will surely send butterflies to your partner’s stomach—sustaining the intimacy.

8 – Surprise them

Do something fun and out of your comfort zone. Surprise them with a trip, a brunch date, a paintball date, or a hotel retreat. Make sure to document the memories. Compile them into a video or photo album. Browse the compilation whenever you’re fighting and let it remind you of the love you have for each other.

9 – Be consistent with your date nights

Try your best to be consistent. Learn proper time management and plan ahead. Book reservations together. Say no to your friends! Date nights should be your priority.

10 – Try a new kink

Also, be adventurous in the bedroom! Read books, watch videos, or seek a sex therapist. Ensure you’re communicating well and taking turns in pleasuring each other. Keep in mind: if they’re not comfortable, it’s better to set aside that outrageous idea for now.